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Project Description
This application checks a Gmail account regularly for mail containing URLs.

Once a URL is found, its content is downloaded and sent as a reply message with the file as an attachment.

Intended usage:
- Download IEEE articles as PDF when you're not in a authenticated network.

Other usage scenarios:
- You have limited access to Internet at work and you need to download some file. Sent the link to a specific Gmail account and make your home computer download and send it over to you.
- Install File Downloader in a fast network and request files over e-mail

Main Features:
- Regex based IEEE URLs fixing, so a link obtained in a unauthorized network will work on an authorized network
- Can extract PDF URLs from default frame presented by IEEE Explorer website
- Update Regex rules from a given URL
- Start application on Windows logon
- Enable auto Windows logon
- Download files using a proxy
- Download an URL on clipboard
- Keeps a history of downloaded files and attempts
- Save a local copy of downloaded files
- Report download errors over e-mail/notifications
- Report downloaded files over e-mail/notifications
- Send a Carbon-Copy of downloaded files to Gmail account

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